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[Drama SP Review] Sakurai Sho - Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem

So I finally got a chance to watch it. I have been looking for a good time to watch it carefully so I made it wait until I got a good chance to watch.

I waited it mainly because I watched nearly all Arashi things so lately I have been having problems with finding something to watch other than tv shows. It has been quiet a time that has passed, right? Finally being able to watch it makes me happy lol

So I have some opinions that I want to write.

First of all I know this is based on a real story but I have to say that I didn't really liked Takajo Kazuya (Kazuyuki Kyoya). That's basicly because I don't like selfish people and I am not really patient and dedicated as Miki. I don't think I could continue with a man who is this selfish lol I am not talking about wheelchair problem, thats quiet okay for me but he is way too selfish for his own good.

But maybe because of that selfishness he really made his dream come true. I am both pissed and respect him for what he done. I don't think I could do the same in my life. I am way too concerned about people's opinion lol

I find Takajo Kazuya (Kazuyuki Kyoya) really awesome person. There are really a few people on this earth who can make their dreams come true. He is one of them except he lost something irreplaceable. He strugguled and find a way to got out of all the mess. As Miki said, he is someone who can give dreams to others.

But I actually think Miki is the most awesome one here. If it wasn't for Miki, I don't think Takajo Kazuya will try to escape his misearable life and I think he will just continue to lay in a bed not doing anything. Miki is his trigger. He wasn't doing football for Miki but he started doing something for Miki.

God damn he was miserable. I don't think I can be so devoted as Miki. I think I will just punch him on the face when I am really pissed of. I wanted to punch him for several times when I was watching lol

I know that Sho is a good actor and he really did a good job. Because I wanted to punch him on the face not thinking about he is Sakurai Sho lhat is a good thing from my point of view because if I wanted to punch him on the face it means that he did a soo good job that I forgot he is just acting. I know I have some absurd way of judge but this is a good thing for me.

Being with Miki makes Kazuya to live. Being with Kazuya makes Miki to live. They made a good life together and I am envious that relationship. About the cast, they made a good chemistry together.

Just as talk about the cast I have to mention one of the cast here. Miki's father which is played by Kobayashi Kaoru. I really personally love him. I watched him for a long time with Shinya Shokudo and for the first time I saw him I screamed like "MASTAAA!!" It has nothing to do with Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem review but watch him guys. He and Shinya Shokudo is amazing!

Well I will return to review again now lol I also find the other casts really suitable. There was no incompatibility with them so I have no one to mention except Kobayashi Kaoru lol But I loved the cast very much.

As for the scenes that I love the most and hate the most... There are quiet scenes that I love but there are also quiet scenes that I felt pissed of. So I just mention some of those scenes.

First of all; the scene that I am most impressed is Miki's notebook. Eventhough she has no interest on football she watches Kazuya's matches really carefully and keeps track of it. When Kazuya opened the notebook there was a title which is "Kazuya Notebook no:3" She impressed me really. Miki is so amazing character. I can't say anything but amazing lol I am really bad ad doing reviews aren't I?

I really felt sad for the scene where Miki and Tsuruta-san talked. She was wrong saying things like that but I can't be angry with her basically she didn't know and she was at her limits. I think this is what being a human means...

I hate the scene that Kazuya destroyed Hiroto's chance. He played victim so much that I really fed up with it. Kazuya's selfishness really get me fed up so hard! That's why I really agree to Kamimura-san's word. "If you want to take back your brilliant glory that anyone would be envious, do it yourself."
Just. Do. It. Yourself.
You don't have any right to crush anyones chance dude.

Well thats probably it.
I don't have anything to write anymore lol.

Here is some caps that I want to share.
I will put it in a cut so be aware that spoiler includes spoiler!!
Collapse ) So see you another review!
Love from ゆきな~