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A fangirl's diary // Kajiura Yuki

Being a Kajiura Yuki fan for so many years, I can say that I am in love with Kajiura lives. When I first started to watch anime, she was the very first composer that I listened non-stop. I still remember it clearly. It brings back many memories. Her melodies always makes me feel calmed.

Pandora Hearts was the one of very first animes that I watched. And I am quiet a fan both manga anime and of course ost. Her collabs with FictionJunction and Kalafina... How I love those.

If you are looking for a manga with interesting subject I can suggest you Pandora Hearts. It had unique topic and plot twist were amazing. The art and the processing were both amazing. I can't say that for anime because only first 15 episodes were following the anime. But still anime had beautiful osts so I suggest anime too!

I started this post with fangirling Kajiura Yuki and it turned out fangirling Pandora Hearts. Well but they are both awesome!!