Yukina (mikunicchi) wrote,

Happy very late birthday Nino!

Okay I know I am horribly late but please forgive this lateness... At least June hasn't been over yet! Yeey!
So I don't do subs much well actually never but dont mind it
I did a little sub of Nino's Blast in Hawaii final speech.
Happy very very late birthday Nino! Thank you always making up my day~!

Link: MEGA

So I am merely doing this sub for my own use, please don't share it on streaming sites. Other than that you can share the link
And as I said I am merely doing this sub for my own use and I am unfortunately not a native speaker of both Japanese and English so if you find a mistake, please do let me know ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Tags: blast in hawaii, ninomiyakazunari, translation

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