Probably an introduction

A girl who is born to fangirl.
From Turkey. Currently at her 20 21 22 23 but time is cruel thing so everybody goes old and forgets to edit this post. Hopefully, I don't forget it... Not sure of it.
Likes literature and likes reading. Well actually likes a lot of things...
A lonesome person who doesn't have many friends. Feel free to write to me, you are always welcomed~
Basically, a new fan of Arashi (starting from 2016). An old fan of Scandal, LiSA, supercell, Garnidelia.
Also a new fan of Yonezu Kenshi (starting from 2018)
I am in love with Sawano Hiroyuki and Yuki Kajiura. They are excellent composers and I really love to listen to their works.
I love Jpop and somehow I listen symphonic metal but not really my taste... probably...
I love shiny thing and smiles.
I aim to become a high school literature teacher. Maybe I teach my students about Arashi who knows? *lol*
Even though my livejournal pic belongs to Nino my ichiban is MJ aka Matsumoto Jun.
Okay, it's Nino! He finally got me yeah! But still both of them are sweetest creatures so can anybody dislike this sweet creature? Well, of course, you can but please, I love them. Really. So don't talk bad about them, please? *lol*
I also love other Arashi members a lot. Sometimes I lost who is my ichiban but I eventually go back to MatsuJun lol.
I love Arashi songs but I especially like Arashi's ballad song. Or acoustic.
I don't hate Kpop but I don't really like listening. Although I listened to some songs or watched some dramas I have no interest in Korea. And yes I watched Boys Over Flowers and I literally hate it. #sorrynotsorry Japanese version is much better for my taste. *nope it doesn't because of MatsuJun, ok, ok, it's because of him*
I have been studying Japanese for like 9 years. Not really mastered in it but if you are looking for someone to speak Japanese I can gladly accept! I love Japanese so much!!
I also write my own stories but not really fan relatedly. But maybe I can try a fanfiction in future? I think I can add my masterpost now... I didn't remember that fanfiction thing can be so enjoyable *lol*

Well I can't think of anything more but don't hesitate Even though I don't know what to share in livejournal I am quiet online and everybody is welcomed \(≧▽≦)/

For the ones who add me; please say something so I can also add you back haha, I mean it would be good to know each other and maybe have some little conversation?

A little edit; I realized that I haven't posted my real name in here or anywhere but its not really because of I want to hide my name lol My name is Irmak but it is somehow hard to pronounce for non-Turkish people basically because of some linguistic problems so I use Yukina on the net which is because I really love that name. I really love that name and it is written by all hiragana within me *lol I love this name so much*

Love from ゆきな~

Arashi - Kite (commentary/analysis)

Oh wow! It's been so long since the last time I wrote a blog here! Gotta break my silence because hey!! My most dreamed collaboration actually happened!!!

Most of the pals from Twitter have witnessed me going crazy over Arashi x Yonezu Kenshi collaboration and I’ll spare you from my crazy screaming here. However, it has been more than a week and Kite is out there and I am still having a hard time believing that this collaboration has happened and Yonezu Kenshi really wrote a beautiful song like Kite for Arashi. So here I am, putting what I have been thinking about this beautiful and awesome song.

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[Fanfic] and I'm falling for you with broken wings

Title: and I'm falling for you with broken wings
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/Ohno Satoshi (main), Matsumoto Jun/Ninomiya Kazunari (side), Sakurai Sho/Okada Junichi (past)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: ‘Go away’ is just a lonely person’s way of saying, ‘show me that you care enough to stay’.
Notes: Written for [Unknown LJ tag]  in Sho Exchange 2019

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[Fanfic] Stay

Title: Stay
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Stay" Nino would demand, and Ohno would stay.
Notes: Requested by ninonia_earth from here. Hi there! I originally intended to write this as soon as possible but somehow I couldn’t really manage. I did my best to make Nino as clingy as possible but... I wonder if this is okay? haha I still hope you like this and forgive my lateness T-T

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[Fanfic] Serendipty

Title: Serendipity
Pairing: Matsumiya / Yama (side)
Rating: PG-13
Lenght: One-shot / 13.300~ words
Warnings: Teeth rotting fluff, a little scene with dirty talk
Summary: serendipity (noun) the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Read it AO3 or DW
Because the post is too long for LJ and I'm currently too lazy to cut it into parts T-T

Taking requests


So I'm not doing exactly well, but I got into the terms with waiting for Arashi and after crying out a bunch (well I still have some more to cry but oh well) and seeing so many fans and my friends doing something for the fandom just to lessen the burden we all have, I have decided to do only thing I can do. Which happens to be writing. I know I'm not the best writer out here but still Arashi is the one who got me back to the writing again, so I will stay loyal to that. And I'll hope that in these dark days I can at least make one or two of you happy with the stories you want to read.

Which leads to this: from now on I'm taking requests for fanfictions! (Even though I'm aware of that I'm not the most ideal writer that you may want to request from)

Just mention what you like to read in a comment under this post or I don't know send me a message? Or just send me a message through Twitter? You can find me in literally everywhere as @mikunicchi so don't hesitate to reach out if yuo have something that you want to read and let's see what I can produce for you.

However there's one thing I'm asking from you... Please please, please be as specific as you can be about what you want and what you don't want. I'm super bad at writing without knowing what you like or don't like. And if you perhaps have a prompt, I would be super happy to fulfill that prompt

Let's have fun together! And I really do hope my small attempts makes one or two of you happy!

Lots of love to every one of you

(you can check out my fanfics just to see what kind of things I usually write in my journals or just AO3. For a small heads up, my OTP is Matsumiya, following Yama and other Nino pairings. I can go for any Nino pairing most of the time haha
For other pairings, I have never tried: I don't know if I can capture the dynamics of those so maybe it would be better if I don't mess up with them but I'll still do my best for you)

Current request; 
Stay - for ninonia_earth  *done*
Sakumoto office AU - for pluvie_27 
Ohmiya prompt here - for  [Unknown LJ tag] 
Yama story - for [Unknown LJ tag] 

[Fanfic] Farewell

Title: Farewell
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Major character death. Un-betaed. I'm sorry my horrible English m(_ _)m I'm also sorry for doing this to my lovely fluffy couple.
Summary: When Nino wanted to break up with Jun, he couldn't understand the reason. Because Jun was more than willing to spend his whole life with Nino.
He was more than willing to spend his whole life for Nino.
Notes: I just terribly needed this out of my system...

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[Fanfic] All alone with you

Title: All alone with you
Pairing: ohmiya
Rating: pg13
Warnings: a weird continuation of sparkle series which also happens to be a weird story. Also mentions of a car crash and hospitals (not graphic though. Just mentioned) and unfortunately not betaed. Sorry for bad English (シ_ _)シ
Summary: A love story that starts at the end of the world.
This is basically the Ohno side story of the first two one-shots of sparkle series.
For lovely [Unknown LJ tag] who wanted a sequel for this series a long time ago. I'm sorry this is not exactly the sequel you propably wanted but I needed to get this done before moving on hehe

Part I | Part II

All alone with you | AO3

[Fanfic] Afterglow

Title: Afterglow
Pairing: Sho/Nino
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Sho is just too stubborn to let himself fall for Nino, yet it is impossible to prevent.
Notes: Written for[Unknown LJ tag]in Arashi Exchange.
A big thank you to Beta-san, who made this fic perfect! <3

Warnings: Sho is a bit... horrible in this (I'm not good with tags and I don't know if this counted as dubious content? anyways please be warned) and this also happens to be my very first NC17 attempt so… please be nice to me ^^;;;

A/N: I totally forgot to post this. Well, I am a bit hesitant about posting it but oh well haha
Also this happens to be my very first NC17 attempt so… please be nice to me haha

Read it DW // AO3